About the menus

My guidebook has "slimming" menus emphasized in three different ways. The one I'm following currently is labeled, "Lifesaver Diet--Mr. and Mrs." I've listed only the "Mrs." version, but I will be following the "Mr." part for my husband.

The second label is "Budget Fare." After I tire of the first, I will use menus (slimming ones, mind you) from that chapter.

The third label is "Gourmet Meals." I'll look that one over and see if it will be included.

On my sidebar, I've listed their suggestions. I've made only a couple of changes. For example, one meal was supposed to have lamb and liver for the protein. I don't do lamb. I don't do liver. I also don't do fish. I'll probably serve myself chicken on the day that is supposed to have Halibut. My husband and son will enjoy the fish.

The recipes I have italicized have directions in the book. I will post them as I come to them in case anyone is interested.

The meals appear to be nicely balanced and don't deprive one of whole food groups like so many other diets do. I appreciate that. The book also includes proteins and animal fats (eg butter). After the years of research that I have done, I am inclined to believe that these items managed to keep people healthy for centuries and are not bad for you in moderation, and most likely are actually good for you. It's the processed, trans fat, high fructose corn syrup laden foods we ingest in super-sized portions that have probably been responsible for the extreme obesity our country is now experiencing.

What I read in this book generally matches the conclusions I have reached in my own food research.

So, I'm ready to begin.


Anonymous said...

Well shoot you are bound to lose weight, I'd say from looking at the meals you are probably getting 1,600 or less calories a day, if that. I would be curious to know how many if you ever count them.

Roxanne said...

Retro Housewife--The book DOES include the calorie counts for the menus. I've been lazy about that, but I will make amends.

In the next couple of weeks I will update the "Slimming Menus," "Budget Fare Menus," and "Gourmet Menus" links to show the calories.

I came to the conclusion before starting this project that the old adage, "Eat Less, Exercise More" has merit!

Anonymous said...

lol yes, thats how I lost my weight (35 lbs). Do yourself a favor though, don't just weigh yourself but take measurements too. When I was losing my weight I hit a plateau and didn't lose a single oz for a month BUT my measurements kept going down. If I hadn't been keeping track of them I probably would have thought nothing was happening, gotten discouraged and given up!