I'm Moving . . .

Not exactly moving, but I'm no longer going to post about my weight loss experiences on this blog. This blog was started specifically using the "Shapely Weight" diet book. Since I'm not using that book now, it seemed appropriate to let this blog be only about the book.

So, I'm going to leave this blog up with posts that are related to the book, but I'm going to begin posting about recent experiences on my regular blog:


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You're going to laugh...

God is good. No, that's not the part that you'll laugh at.

I have known for years that I need to lose this weight. I know that I can't function as I should carrying this much weight on my body. I have purpose on this Earth and, as a believer, I need to hear and obey the Father so that His will for my life will be accomplished, and I need to do that in the body He gave me. I have a responsibility to be a good steward over it.

He certainly has heard my cry in the past regarding being overweight and provided all that I need to take care of this. I know HOW to do it. I just haven't gone ahead and, in obedience, overcome this addiction to food.

Here's the funny part: He set me up! Yep. He put me in a position where I have to go ahead and do what I have known I need to do for some time. He's also gracious, as I'll show you.

Our pastor has called a "Daniel-Fast" for our church. My family has committed to eating according to Daniel 1:12 and 10:1-2, which, in a nutshell, means no dairy, no meat, no yeast, no preservatives, and no sweeteners. We had a choice of 10 or 21 days. We chose to do this for 21 days.

We began July 19. I've lost four pounds since then.

Here's the part about His being gracious: The pastor asked if he could move our Anniversary celebration (see HERE for explanation--start at the bottom) to August 15 so that we could "feast" at our party.

So, not only did I get a major push to go ahead and do what I need to do physically, my anniversary "deadline" has been moved LOL!

The purpose of this fast is focusing on God, of course. I'm already hearing wonderful and challenging things from Him and enjoying that aspect of the fast.

I decided that I will post about the food side of this because it has certainly been an experience . . . (ha!)



OK, I feel better now. A little bit, anyway.

Thanks to all sorts of things going on for weeks now, I've pretty much only maintained my weight. Normally, that would be acceptable, but with my 25th anniversary situation coming up (more like "looming") in less than two months, I'm really wanting to give up any efforts at weight-loss at all. It just seems like it's too late.

My thoughts run something like this:
  • "Two months! That's not long enough to have visible weight-loss unless I starve myself!"
  • "Is there a way to avoid all pictures?"
  • (Guilt, guilt) "Surely SOME weight-loss would be better than none, right?"
  • "OMG, what will I wear???"
  • "Why can I NOT get this under control?" (More guilt.)

I've been exercising like crazy this week, but I've not reduced the calories. It really, really, really has to be both for me.

So, I'm voting for "some is better than none," and I'm going to reduce those doggone calories and keep up with my exercise.

Maybe that will net me enough weight-loss to merit a new outfit . . . .and a neck-to-knees girdle!



Ahhhh. Cinco de Mayo. I've studied the background for the celebration. The history is interesting, certainly. BUT, it's all about the food, baby!

I enjoyed every morsel, too, from the day we prepared the food, to the 5th itself and then the leftovers today. But guess what????? I didn't gain any weight!!! I paced myself carefully, not indulging to the degree I would normally. It paid off.

There's still a bit in the frig, but I'm back on the diet on Saturday (tomorrow).

This year we added another amazing recipe. It's from a lady in our church who was born and raised in Texas. That's close to Mexico! The sauce itself would make a fabulous chip dip. My sister and FarmMom (who was visiting) even let me lick the bowl. I was polite and used a utensil.

Cinco de Mayo Enchiladas

3 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Boil breasts in water with a packet of fajita mix marinade. Cool and shred.

32 ounces sour cream
1 pound grated cheddar (reserve some for top)
2 oz. cans green chilis
1/4 cup chopped pickled jalapenos
1/2 cup picante sauce
garlic, salt, and Mrs. Dash, to taste
Flour tortillas (large or small)

Stir all sauce ingredients together. Reserve 1 pint. Mix the rest of the sauce with the shredded chicken. Fill flour tortillas with chicken mixture and place in a 9 x 13 casserole. Pour reserved sauce over the top and bake 25 minutes at 350. Sprinkle reserved cheese on top and bake five minutes more.

The rest of the menu was the same as our 2009 celebration which you can view HERE.



5/3 Weigh-in

What a week! I spent the whole week preparing for a giant two-day yard sale. I monitored what I ate each day and had both my sister and my husband hold me back from getting a McD's Sweet Tea on the yard sale days. That was the hardest!

Since I was careful, I didn't GAIN anything! I consider that an achievement considering the whacked out schedule I kept all week.

This week, however, might be even more of a challenge. Some dear friends of ours are coming for a visit that just happened to coincide with one of my favorite holidays: Cinco de Mayo.

I'm really going to try hard, but I suspect those four little pounds I lost and have kept off might be making a come-back this week. I really will try.

The funny thing is that this time last year we had a yard sale and then celebrated Cinco de Mayo. For some reason they go together for me.

Here's the post from last year if you'd like to see some recipes!

Cinco de Mayo 2009


Drum roll, please!

In my last post I mentioned that I have a HUGE motivation to get this weight off. We are apparently going to be "thrown" an anniversary party for our 25th. There will be pictures. (Shrieking loudly deep inside my soul.)

I heard that news last Sunday. On Tuesday I got REALLY serious. REALLY. I walked every day, including this Sunday. I FAITHFULLY followed my diet. I downed 8-9 glasses of water each day. I went to the bathroom a lot.

Well, it worked! Imagine that.

I lost 4.4 pounds this week! I suspect that a lot of that is excess water retention. Fine with me. Since it was hanging around, it had to go. I don't expect the next week to have as dramatic of a loss, but 1-2 (preferably two!) pounds a week will put me in the 160s by August 3rd.

I just finished my 20 minute walk. I'm sipping my second glass of water while I'm typing this and I'm about to have my low-calorie breakfast. A sense of the possibility of success is flooding through me.

I will do this.


4/19 Weigh-in and a BIG Motivation on the horizon

I am so loving this digital scale. Those tenths of a pound are fun to see. According to this wonderful scale, I am 6/10s of a pound DOWN. Woo hoo!

I'm going to pick up on the exercise this week and see if I can actually move BEYOND tenths to ACTUAL pounds. That would be nice.

In fact, I'd better get those pounds coming off just a little faster than that. One of those "life motivators" is staring me in the face.

August 3rd will be our 25th wedding anniversary. We are not outgoing people. We like to keep things low-key and pretty private. Much to my surprise (and chagrin), our pastor started talking to us from the pulpit during announcement time about this special event. THEN he announced that the church was going to give us a party. My smile froze.

You know what went through my mind? PICTURES. They will insist on taking PICTURES at this party. I just can't be the weight I am for those pictures!

I have exactly FIFTEEN weeks. If I can lose a pound a week, I'll be down to 173. If I step up the exercise, I might be able to make that 1 1/2 pounds a week. That would bring it down to 165.


I had my son make a sign that says, "August 3." I put it on the refrigerator.


(Why, oh why didn't we get married in December?)



Weigh-in and a Poll

After over a week of being off the wagon thanks to tax preparation, Easter, and Son's birthday party, I stepped on the scale. I'm up 8/10ths of a pound. Not bad considering all the high-calorie foods I consumed.

I'm back on track this week and have already exercised this morning. My water-intake was practically non-existent, so I'm being more conscientious about that, too.

I still have a four pound loss, so I've decided to reward myself when I get to five pounds (with no spare "tenths!). A banana split! Just kidding. No, I'm actually going to go for a pedicure. Spring is truly trying to come to our area of the country, though this morning's temp of 43 is not in agreement!

My favorite color is candy-apple red. I always use it. It is just so . . . red! I've considered other colors, but I keep going back to this one. I decided it was high-time I did a poll. It has absolutely nothing to do with calories, lettuce, or weight-loss. It has to do with nail polish color!

What ONE color would you consider as your essential pedicure color? If you like to use everything, then ask yourself the "dessert island" question and narrow it down to one.

Come and vote!



I am stretched to the max this week: Easter, Taxes (which are extremely involved due to our business, etc.), homeschooling, and now we've got actual thunder and I have to get off of the computer!

I wanted to check in, though, and say that I like my new scale. I like it because it says nice things like . . .

I lost another pound!!!!!!

I refrained from kissing it, though the effort might have burned a couple of calories.

Oops--there goes more lightning. I believe I'll shut down now!


I got a new scale!

My old scale had broken a couple of weeks ago. I told my husband I was going to go to the vet's office to weigh. He was not amused. I knew the ladies who worked there would totally understand, but he just got a pained expression and told me that we would be fitting a scale into the budget.

Today I finally got one. It's digital and it gave me an official number. A number that I'm afraid to share as it's pretty embarrassing.

Here's my concern: If I share it, will you give a little scream of horror and turn your face away from your computer screen? Will you give a quiet "tsk, tsk" in a disapproving way? Will you "un-follow" me?

You see, I was never fat until AFTER my son was born. In high school, I weighed about 108. At 5'4" I looked healthy. At my wedding at 21, I weighed 121. At 25, I weighed 125. I never thought about my weight at all. It wasn't an all-consuming, daily condemning issue like it is now. (BTW, after 25yo the numbers didn't follow my age so nicely!)

I was 147 pounds the day after I gave birth. I weighed 150 when I GOT pregnant. I had gestational diabetes and spent the last three months of my pregnancy strictly monitoring my diet (and I mean STRICT) so that I wouldn't have to use insulin. Apparently all the baby weight was just that--the baby and all the accompanying stuff! It all came off plus three pounds, but I didn't take advantage of that nice situation.

After he was born, I went through a several-month bout of postpartum depression. My hormones were all over the place and the only thing that made me feel "normal" was chocolate. And chips. And ice cream. Once I began to feel more myself and more confident about mothering, I just kept on eating the junk. Mostly 'cause it tasted good, but also because I'd gotten into the pattern of eating for emotional reasons.

That's when I really packed on the pounds. My son will be 8yo in just a few days. I've spent nearly 1/5 of my life at a very uncomfortable weight. My husband keeps telling me to stop saying bad things to my reflection in the mirror. So, I try not to look in the mirror!

Dare I reveal the number? Yay or nay? Will it be like a catharsis for me, or just plain ol' everyday humiliation? Will posting that number help me to FACE the reality of it and get ON with this effort to change permanently? I THINK it might. Or will I regret it?

Aside from the committment to a starting number, the digital scale I can even give TENTHS of pounds! That alone might make it worth posting. (Ha!)

What do you think? Are YOU ready to see those digits? LOL!