I am stretched to the max this week: Easter, Taxes (which are extremely involved due to our business, etc.), homeschooling, and now we've got actual thunder and I have to get off of the computer!

I wanted to check in, though, and say that I like my new scale. I like it because it says nice things like . . .

I lost another pound!!!!!!

I refrained from kissing it, though the effort might have burned a couple of calories.

Oops--there goes more lightning. I believe I'll shut down now!


Packrat said...

Congratulations on the weight loss!

I am so glad to hear that you turn off your computer during a lightning storm. We unplug ours and the TV, stereo, etc. etc. (Don't just turn off the power strip!) J is always super busy replacing power supplies, blown mother boards, etc. after lightning storms.

Roxanne said...

One day back in Florida, there was a lightning storm. We were watching TV. All of a sudden, there was this loud explosion and our TV went out. Burned to a crisp.

I have respect for lightning storms and run around unplugging everything!