I'm Moving . . .

Not exactly moving, but I'm no longer going to post about my weight loss experiences on this blog. This blog was started specifically using the "Shapely Weight" diet book. Since I'm not using that book now, it seemed appropriate to let this blog be only about the book.

So, I'm going to leave this blog up with posts that are related to the book, but I'm going to begin posting about recent experiences on my regular blog:


Please come over and "follow" there where the new content will be!


Packrat said...

That will be one less thing for you to have to take care of. Hope you are feeling well and still losing the pounds.

Roxanne said...

Yes, it was kind of holding me back from posting a little more regularly.

I am actually feeling great. . . now LOL!

We have one more week preparing the food according to the Daniel Fast guidelines.

I've lost six pounds, so I'm pretty stoked. Continuing the good eating will be challenging, though!