I'm falling apart

Things are NOT cooperating for me this week!

Unexpected outings and a pinched nerve in my neck have derailed my diet efforts. If I have any inch or weight loss on Monday, it will be a miracle.

I exercised on Monday and Tuesday. I prepared meals. Then Wednesday began a snowball effect. I finally talked to a physical therapist about my nerve situation. Very frustrating, but I won't let it set me back too much.

I'll be out ALL day on Saturday and Sunday.

I think I've figured out why it's difficult to stay on a diet. LIFE keeps happening!


Anonymous said...

Hello Roxanne,

I'm so sorry to hear about your pinched nerve! I've heard they are pure misery.

Hope you have gotten some relief,


Roxanne said...

Thank you for your concern!

Yes, they ARE pur misery! This has been going on for a month now.

Last night my husband managed to get the right spot with the right amount of force and the pain was GONE from my neck and back! I am so grateful!

I still have something lightly pinched in my shoulder, but it is WAY better than it was.