Sunday Menu

I pulled it off! Sunday is a very difficult day for proper eating. We have to leave the house at 8:00 as my husband is in the worship team at church and they practice at 9:00. By the time church has ended and we've talked to everyone, it's around 1:30. We eat out every Sunday.

But, not this Sunday!

Breakfast: I prepped it last night. The Poached Egg Supreme was not as fancy as it's title. On a plate I laid out the split English muffin, a slice of Canadian bacon, and a cooked egg. This morning, I put the plate into the toaster oven and it toasted the bread and Canadian bacon and heated the cooked egg. That with the OJ was a quick and filling breakfast.

Luncheon: Notice that "dinner" replaced "luncheon" and "supper" replaced "dinner" on the plan. I'm sure that was because of the tradition of eating a big meal for lunch after church inviting relatives and others over to share. Since we were away from home, I just switched them back. I made the sandwiches and added grapes and put it all in a cooler. We ate while we ran errands on our way home.

Dinner: By the time we got home (3:30), I was tired and NOT wanting to cook. I wanted to order a pizza. I wanted to eat leftovers (we have a few). I changed into comfortable clothes and opened my guidebook. And it was easy! I didn't have bone-in pieces, so I used boneless, skinless breasts. The angel food cake was bought, the corn and asparagus just needed to be heated. The chicken was good! The water kept it moist and "sifting" the flour over the top made a nice little brown area. I'm sure it would have crisped up the skin had there been any!

I decided to replace the hot cocoa and angel food cake calories with a hot fudge sundae from McD's. I was feeling a little deprived having to eat a cold sandwich when I wanted to go out to eat at a restaurant.

Tomorrow will be my weigh-in and measure. We shall see if anything has budged!

Poached Egg Supreme: (Serving: 1 sandwich)

1 poached egg
1 slice Canadian bacon
1/2 English muffin (Oops! I didn't see that. I ate the whole thing.)

Grill slice of Canadian bacon; drain on absorbent paper. Poach egg and toast 1/2 English muffin. Place the bacon on the toasted muffin half. Top with the poached egg. Season to taste. Serve hot.

Golden-Brown Chicken

2 1/2 lb. disjointed chicken
2 tsp. oil
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
Ac'cent (I used paprika)
2 tablespoons flour

Preheat oven at 400 for fully 20 minutes. (I didn't think this was necessary as my oven indicates when it reaches 400. I wonder if there is ANOTHER reason that I should have waited 20 minutes?) Wash and dry chicken. Place pieces in a shallow pan, skin side up. Brush each piece lightly with the oil. Combine seasonings, Ac'cent and flour; sift evenly over chicken. Pour 1/2 cup hot water into pan (more later, if needed). Bake, uncovered, until brown (that was about 30 minutes for mine). Reduce heat to 300 and continue baking, uncovered, until chicken is tender. Total cooking time about 1 hour. After the first 30 minutes, baste chicken; baste once or twice again during cooking.

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