This week--Budget Fare menus

From the guidebook:

"For the overweight, one of the unhappy facts of life is that low-cost foods are usually high in calories. It takes careful planning to cut costs and calories and at the same time ensure good nutrition.

Protein is the expensive item of the meal. Choose the lean and less expensive cuts of meat and cook these economy cuts slowly...

Watch for the weekly specials on meat, canned goods, and staple grocery items. Plan the meals around foods which provide grade-A nutrition at low cost."

This week I will be cooking from the "Budget Fare" section. They promise at the end of the introduction that, "On these budget menus you can lose one to two pounds a week, feel energetic, and not go hungry."

We shall see!


Dr. Julie-Ann said...

Hey Roxanne,
Just letting you know that I've been reading, just haven't had a chance to comment.

You're doing GREAT and I'm enjoying your journey!

Keep it up!

Roxanne said...

I'm finding it to be a challenge but a GOOD one.

Thanks for your encouragement!