A note about Low-Calorie Foods on the Market

As you know, we are surrounded on all sides with all manner of diet foods. When the companies finally realized all the money they were missing out on, they made up for it in astounding ways.

Well, back in 1958 "low-calorie" and "diet" foods were just beginning. The choices were limited. They promised happy things about being able to enjoy foods without the guilt of added pounds.

Ida Jean and Mildred gave a nod to diet foods. They embraced artificial sweeteners. They encouraged the use of D-Zerta. But, they still had something to say about how to use these new diet aids properly:

The calorie content of these diet foods is clearly indicated on the labels. Some of these foods are only slightly lower in calories than the regular varieties; others contain a minimum of calories, and some no calories. It is important to know that the label non-nutritive means no food value. (Emphasis theirs.) Such products should be used only as accessories to a balanced diet.

The dieter goes right along with the process of living, and the nutrition essentials for repair work and for the vital upkeep of the body are required daily in normal amounts. specialty foods of this sort do not replace the protective foods
(I love that. "Protective foods.") or change the basic pattern of eating--but they do allow weight watchers to add the trimmings.

~ Page 179

I completely agree. REAL food was made to work with our bodies. Chemical substitutes can and often do cause problems. They're not real.

Ida Jean and Mildred were wise ladies.

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