Detox Day 1--Weigh-in

I got up this morning determined to see this thing through. My hand is still itchy but the swelling is completely gone. Only the indentation is left from where my wedding rings were.

I made up a day's worth of the Cocktail and I'm currently boiling the eggs. My husband grilled up 3 day's worth of chicken (for me) and I'm marinating the various seafood items for him. This is actually an excellent time to do this Jump-Start because it's summer--fresh vegetables and grilling!

I stepped on the scale to get my baseline and another pound is gone! I had only one small serving of everything on the 4th as well as reduced portions on my vacation. I also walked a LOT. I'm encouraged.

I measured as well, and I am up 1/2" on the bust and down 1/2" on the bicep. That evens out to the overall measurement being the same. That's OK, too.

I'm sipping my morning "Cocktail now. I really like the flavors. It's sort of like salsa in a cup. I like salsa.

I just don't like seafood!

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