I finally got a chance to sit down and post my menus. They're on the sidebar.

I used both my Guidebook and the Gem of a Cookbook to pull the meals together. I'll post the recipes as I go along.

When my son was around 2 years old (he's almost 8 now), I developed continuous heartburn. It started out at a mild level, but has progressed to the point where it wakes me in the middle of every night, kicks in if I bend over to work, etc., etc.

This is my umpteenth diet attempt since gaining this last fifty pounds. Every time I eat properly, get this, the heartburn disappears.

It seems, for me anyway, that adding in healthy amounts of vegetables and discontinuing drinking sweet tea from McD's does the trick for me. Every time I've gone back to eating horribly and providing for the McD's manager's kids to get braces, I'm back to the heartburn.

I've made this connection before, you know. I've known exactly what I need to do. This time, however, my sleep has been affected more than ever before and its more severe than before as well.

I started this diet again on Monday. Despite being over a bit on my planned calories, I've been eating HEALTHY meals and NOT visiting the drive-thru. As a result, the night before last I woke up only once. (I had to go to the bathroom--too much water close to bedtime). Last night I didn't wake up AT ALL.

The alarm went off this morning and I was REFRESHED!

So, if you suffer from heartburn, perhaps you need to up your veggie intake and reduce (or eliminate) the sugared/carbonated drinks altogether.

Then, you just might be able to sleep like . . . me!


Packrat said...

I have noticed that since I have been having dinner earlier in the evening that I haven't been having heartburn at night. Also, found out that wine is a culprit, so no wine.

Roxanne said...

Yes, dinner earlier helps. For me the heartburn has extended throughout the day at times. Even drinking water would trigger it! It is/was starting to really worry me.

I'm looking forward to another good night's sleep tonight, though!

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

I used to get what I thought was heartburn. Turned out they were gall-bladder attacks.

Roxanne said...

Tessa--What did you do about the attacks? Did it stop the heartburn?