Day 4 and beyond

It's really interesting to analyze my typical pattern in dieting. I always start on a Monday, so my days always lay out about the same.

Today was Day Four for me. Day Four in my life means an evening commitment that involves rushing around and getting ready to leave right when we should be eating supper. That means an early supper, quickly eaten. Then, we return home quite late (usually between 10 and 11) and we're famished.

Day Four is also my usual errand running day. I managed to wrangle the calories down to a dull roar, but just barely. No exercise because of being gone nearly all day.

For this week I'm working on getting my calories under 2000. That seems like a lot unless you consider that I usually eat between 3000 and 3500 a day. Mostly junk. Next week I'm going to lower my calorie cap to 1800, then 1600, then 1400. I won't go lower than that for two reasons. One, I think I'll be able to drop weight at a steady rate at that calorie amount and, Two, I may start eating the furniture if I try to go lower. Couch stuffing is not tasty. Trust me.

Calorie count: 2070

Water: 6 glasses

Exercise: nada


Packrat said...

Immune-system-wise - you shouldn't go lower, either.

Roxanne said...

Great point!