Tuesday's Challenge

Day One of a diet is generally one of the easiest days. I'm usually fired up, determined to succeed THIS TIME.

Day Two very often offers up an opportunity for instant derailment. My Day Two followed through with tradition.

This morning my husband said, "My customer had something come up today so I will be switching them to Saturday. That means we have today free! What do you want to do?"

Uh oh.

We ended up taking the day to travel to a museum an hour south of here and enjoying all the exhibits. It was great! Food, however, was a challenge.

Here's how I met that challenge:

Breakfast (270): PBJ (we were rushing around to get out the door) with 2 slices of bread, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, and 1 tsp. jam.

Snack (~75): We stopped at one of those touristy places where you get to sample all of their offerings. I sampled around 75 calories worth. I COULD have sampled around 200 calories worth! Score one for willpower.

Lunch (355): Half of a 6" sub from Subway (Jared ate at Subway . . .). It would have been less, but I can't stand a sandwich without mayo. I had the turkey/ham with the Italian bread, tomatoes, and onions. (I checked Subway's online nutrition info to get the calorie amounts.)

Snack (200): My husband made me. Really, it was all his fault. He listened when I asked him to stop at the convenience store. Therefore, I had HALF of a King-sized Snickers bar. I wanted the whole thing. Point for willpower taken away.

Supper (547): We got home late and I slapped together a quickie supper. 2 cups pasta, 1/2 cup pasta sauce, 1 tbsp. butter, 1/2 cup steamed carrots. And. That. Was. It.!

It's 7:40 and I really, really want something salty. I've considered popcorn, but without the butter it's not too appealing.

I think I'll just go get another glass of water. Oh yeah, water. I've had only 3 glasses today (so far). Yes, I think I'll go get a glass of water. Maybe I'll get a veggie, too. I see that I've had only 2 servings today.

Calories today: 1597

(Another derailment opportunity is making itself known. When my "monthly" situation is on its way, I get a major headache. I also get major chocolate cravings. That would explain the Snickers incident earlier. I've read that magnesium helps with those issues. I have magnesium!)

ETA: I ended up having an apple. It didn't quite do the trick. I added a few crackers. There. 150 calories more and I could carry on.


Amanda said...

I have a weekness for salty snacks myself. Don't worry about the Snickers. They are just too darn tasty :)

Roxanne said...

I'm editing my post to say what I did (and add the calories).

I decided to go for an apple. Well, I should have put salt on it, I guess, because I still ate a few crackers!

Then I went to bed.

Packrat said...

I think you are doing great. Really, cutting out all "goodies" is a big mistake.

Yes, popcorn - my great downfall. My dogs won't even eat it if it doesn't have butter on it.

Eef said...


I'm verry glad I helped you with my comment!
Just try to listen to your feelings (stop eating when not hungry anymore, if at 7:40 you did eat some crackers, you wouldn't have eaten the apple (witch is verry low in calories I agree but,still calories when not hungry becomes fat) ;-)

I didn't know that my blog was still on line and yes those are my kids (two pirates and a little pricess), we live in Belgium just next to the french frontier, french is the language I use at work and my husband is also frenchspeaking, but my mothertongue is dutch.
I closed my blog because I'm not constant enough to blog.

Anonymous said...

Salty chips are my weakness! If it's a chip, it's gone. I think you did great considering that spur of the moment trip. It's hard to find something good for you when travelling and coming home late.

So glad you guys had a chance to do something fun like the museum.

I've been wanting to go to this really great zoo about an hour from us, the only problem is we need to go during warm weather and that's when hubby has pretty close to zero free time.


Roxanne said...

Packrat--Your dogs and I are in agreement. Dogs know good food! Many years ago I tried to give my dog a slice of the fake cheese. She sniffed it, took it politely, and then dropped in on the floor. Then she looked at me like, "There, I was polite. Now may I have some real food?"

Roxanne said...

Eef--I love what you said: "Calories when not hungry become fat." Oh so true.

Your children are lovely. Are those older or recent pictures of them?

So, you speak three languages? More? I'm so envious!

Roxanne said...

Trixie--Mmmmmm, Chips! Chocolate and chips are my two biggest downfalls.

I hear you on the no-free-time-in-the-summer issues. In the dead of winter we're struggling to get work. Once the weather gets nice, DH is working from dawn to (past) dusk.