Wednesday: Day 3 Emotional Upheaval

My usual diet pattern is manifesting:
  • Day 1, usually successful
  • Day 2, unusual circumstance regarding food choices
  • Day 3, some big emotional thing that makes me want to eat junk

On Wednesday came the emotional fallout from a situation. I COULD have allowed myself to fully wallow in the junk food arena. I wanted to. I resisted pretty well. The calories were higher than they should have been for the day, but not as high as normal! Also, the calories were primarily GOOD quality food. And water, lots of water. Overall, I think I worked through it fairly well.

Calorie count: 2200

Water: 7 glasses

Exercise: YES! I managed to get this in.

After this initial week of reporting in detail, I will go to a sidebar accounting only and will try to write more interesting posts. I'm going shopping today and will be able to use the mid-century menus I've planned.

I did have a mid-century breakfast menu yesterday: Poached egg, toast, pat of butter, 4 oz. juice. I used a slice of bread from my homemade loaf (see HERE). When I calculated the calories, they came to 160--for ONE piece of bread! I told you the bread was tasty! It was healthy and worth it, but I think I'll slice it thinner next time .

Off to do the marketing. (Sounds nicer than grocery shopping somehow, doesn't it?)


Packrat said...

Why couldn't we be one of those people who don't eat when they are upset? Hope life is smoother today.

Roxanne said...

How about the folks that FORGET to eat? My husband is like that.

I don't forget. Ever.

Things are fine now. It just seems that I'm more irritable when I'm dieting!