You're Fat Because . . .

My 1955 Good Housekeeping Cookbook is chock-full of all types of information. Not surprisingly, it also had a section entitled, "Your Weight."

The introductory paragraph says:

During childhood and youth, it's desirable to weigh somewhat more than the average for your height and age.

By middle age, it is better to maintain the ideal weight for a twenty-five-year-old of your height and sex. After twenty-five, you tend to slow down your activities, yet your appetitie may remain as hearty and you may eat more than you should. Unless you are among those few who stay thin no matter what, you gain.

As you grow older, you should not exceed this ideal weight.

Sure. Not a problem.

Except that I have a problem. The problem I have is spelled out in this ad from 1955. It just lays it out straight:

I found this ad at a new site called, "American Women Didn't Get Fat!" You must go and check it out--it's great! Click on the ad above for the post about that ad.

I found HER through Tessa's weight-loss blog HERE. Tessa's already lost over 6 pounds! Congratulations, Tessa!

Oh yes. Today is MY weigh-in day, isn't it?

Well, the scales are telling me I've lost 2 pounds and the measuring tape totals at 1 inch! So far, so good.


Packrat said...

Uhhhh This is to make us feel better about ourselves. Look at old real photographs of real women. Almost all of the middle aged and older women were well padded - even while wearing corsets. Yes, we probably do eat too much. But, as women, we do add on weight. Even those women who washed their clothes on a wash board, packed all their water, walked to an outhouse (actually walked everywhere), hoed huge gardens, and cooked for a crowd (family and/or hired hands)were heavy.

Packrat said...

PS - the above comment isn't an excuse. LOL

Congratulations on the losses!

Roxanne said...

I do want to point out that it's a MAN in the picture. One would NEVER tell a lady she's, well, you know LOL!

I thought it was hilarious because it was just so in-your-face!

Notice that the 1955 Cookbook talks about our metabolism slowing down as we age. It's just a fact of life.

We watched Road to Bali with Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Dorothy Lamour last night. Dorothy was definitely wearing a girdle and would be considered a little overweight today, but she was obviously the s*x symbol of the movie! They didn't believe in skin and bones back then, did they?

I would like to get DOWN to my curves being only lightly padded. I'm way beyond padded right now LOL!

Averyl said...

2 pounds, one inch, BIG SUCCESS!

Roxanne said...

Thanks, y'all!

I'm glad to see that. It's not enough to FEEL any different, but I'm encouraged to continue on.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

Awesome for the first week! I'm glad you checked out that blog. I will hopefully be adding more to my sidebar as I find them!

Amanda said...


Roxanne said...

Did you notice that the straight talk doesn't seem to BOTHER the guy in the ad? His spoon is poised and loaded!