Do-overs count, don't they?

Evidently Week Four is going to have to be a do-over!

It wasn't the lowered calorie cap (1400 calories) that was the problem. I have spent the week moving my Son's room from upstairs to the first floor. That has involved hours (each day and into the night) of sorting, hauling stuff, decluttering, carrying (heavy) furniture, cleaning, etc. as well as rearranging our basement to make all this work.

In all of that there was bad and there was good. First, the bad. I had NO time to plan, shop for or monitor the meals, which resulted in the higher calories.

But, then we have the good:
  • I still never went over 1800 calories, even without monitoring. I just added things up at the end of the day. A month ago I was consuming close to 3000 calories a day, so I'm not too upset though there will probably not be a change on the scale on Monday.
  • I would HOPE that all that hauling up and down stairs (sometimes two flights) would have burned some calories!
  • Now that it's done, I'm ready to get back on track.

So, I declare Week Four to begin (again) on Monday, 3/22.

(Just so you KNOW that I really, really exercised, I took my Son from a 228 sf room down to an 80 sf room. It doesn't look (too) crowded, either! I'll probably post about it HERE soon, just to share the miracle LOL!)


Amanda said...

You can totally do it over. Life's too short not to allow do-oevers.

Roxanne said...

Amanda--I agree.

I've managed three weeks of successful calorie counting. I know I can pick up and continue!

Mimi said...

Hey! I am a new follower and had to say hello. Your Vintage Diet sounds even harder than my Retro Weight Watchers Plan. Kudos to you!

I have been blogging about my adventures following the 1972 WW program and working my way thru the horrifying recipes in the original WW cookbook. Hope you'll stop by and follow along.

Our diets are a few decades apart, but hopefully we can support eachother just the same! Good luck!!

Roxanne said...

Mimi--At times the "Slimming Menus" have been downright frightening! For example, liver will never again pass through my teeth (willingly, that is!).

Isn't it fun to try something different? I've learned a lot by following this diet. I'm off to check out your blog!

Yes, I agree--support is VERY helpful!