Monday's Stats

I'm still coughing and coughing, but it seems to be getting better. No excuses this week about exercising. In fact, as soon as I post this, I'm off for my walk.

My scale is acting up. I stepped on it and it said no pounds lost; then I stepped on it again and it said I've lost 5 pounds. Rather than choosing which I believe (you KNOW which one I would choose!), I think I'm going to have to do my weigh-ins somewhere else.

A new scale is not in the budget right now, but there is an animal hospital around the corner. They have a big ol' digital scale that is out front in the waiting room. Yes, it has come to this!

So, rather than guessing, I'll try to get up there today and get an accurate reading.

Measuring shows another inch overall, but that's still not very much. I believe adding in the exercise (finally) will help that number begin to change.

This week's calorie cap goal is 1600 calories. I'm a little nervous about that as it means it will be more difficult than the last two weeks have been. They were a piece of cake! (Oops, sorry.)

I hope I don't weigh as much as a Great Dane.


Anonymous said...

Oh Roxanne, you make me smile! I've been tempted to weigh myself at the vet's office too. The ladies there are super (our Barney has been there A LOT so I know all the staff well) and they've said they've weighed themselves on it too.

Packrat said...

When you feel better, you can start exercising, okay? If you have lost two inches, WOW!

Roxanne said...

The official reading said that I lost another pound!

The ladies at the vet didn't laugh. They understood.

Husband said to get a new scale. I said, "But, the budget!" He insisted. I guess he didn't think it was as funny as I did to go to the vet!

I actually exercised today! The coughing was minimal. Unfortunately my son is now sick. I feel like a bad mama!