Weigh-in and a Poll

After over a week of being off the wagon thanks to tax preparation, Easter, and Son's birthday party, I stepped on the scale. I'm up 8/10ths of a pound. Not bad considering all the high-calorie foods I consumed.

I'm back on track this week and have already exercised this morning. My water-intake was practically non-existent, so I'm being more conscientious about that, too.

I still have a four pound loss, so I've decided to reward myself when I get to five pounds (with no spare "tenths!). A banana split! Just kidding. No, I'm actually going to go for a pedicure. Spring is truly trying to come to our area of the country, though this morning's temp of 43 is not in agreement!

My favorite color is candy-apple red. I always use it. It is just so . . . red! I've considered other colors, but I keep going back to this one. I decided it was high-time I did a poll. It has absolutely nothing to do with calories, lettuce, or weight-loss. It has to do with nail polish color!

What ONE color would you consider as your essential pedicure color? If you like to use everything, then ask yourself the "dessert island" question and narrow it down to one.

Come and vote!


FarmMom said...

I love having painted "piggies" in the summer with my sandals. I am kind of boring though - I always choose french/american pedicure. Same for my fingers (only I almost never do anything but "tidy-up" - file and cuticles.

I might go bold this year and put a colored tip instead of white. Again, you are an inspiration!

RB said...

I like bright colors for summer and muted colors for spring.

It sort of eases me into the bright ones that way LOL!

Roxanne said...

Sometimes I paint my toenails in the winter. It's nice to get a glimpse of them every once in a while and remember that summer will eventually arrive!

FarmMom--What color do you think you'll choose?

RB--That's a great idea! Changes things up a bit.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

Honestly? I love pale, pale pink or beige on my toes. I think it makes my feet look thinner. And sexy.

Roxanne said...

Tessa--You have gotten my attention! THINNER feet? All with a polish color?

I will have to look into this!

Dr. Julie-Ann said...

Pale pink--the same shade that is used for French manicures. I use it on my hands and feet--very elegant and I look like I have the French manicure but without the white paint that chips off so easily.

Plus, I read that neutral shades that match your skin tone make your fingers and toes look thinner/longer (less stubby).

Roxanne said...

Dr. Julie-Ann--Nail polish color and the illusion of thinness.

I am definitely going to have to reconsider my red . . .