5/3 Weigh-in

What a week! I spent the whole week preparing for a giant two-day yard sale. I monitored what I ate each day and had both my sister and my husband hold me back from getting a McD's Sweet Tea on the yard sale days. That was the hardest!

Since I was careful, I didn't GAIN anything! I consider that an achievement considering the whacked out schedule I kept all week.

This week, however, might be even more of a challenge. Some dear friends of ours are coming for a visit that just happened to coincide with one of my favorite holidays: Cinco de Mayo.

I'm really going to try hard, but I suspect those four little pounds I lost and have kept off might be making a come-back this week. I really will try.

The funny thing is that this time last year we had a yard sale and then celebrated Cinco de Mayo. For some reason they go together for me.

Here's the post from last year if you'd like to see some recipes!

Cinco de Mayo 2009


Packrat said...

If you didn't gain, you are doing well.

Roxanne said...

I monitored pretty closely. I know that I will gain this week. Did you SEE that menu? Mmm, Mmm, Good!

August 3rd and those blasted pictures are looming in front of me, though, so I WILL get back on track after my fellow Cinco celebrators head home.