OK, I feel better now. A little bit, anyway.

Thanks to all sorts of things going on for weeks now, I've pretty much only maintained my weight. Normally, that would be acceptable, but with my 25th anniversary situation coming up (more like "looming") in less than two months, I'm really wanting to give up any efforts at weight-loss at all. It just seems like it's too late.

My thoughts run something like this:
  • "Two months! That's not long enough to have visible weight-loss unless I starve myself!"
  • "Is there a way to avoid all pictures?"
  • (Guilt, guilt) "Surely SOME weight-loss would be better than none, right?"
  • "OMG, what will I wear???"
  • "Why can I NOT get this under control?" (More guilt.)

I've been exercising like crazy this week, but I've not reduced the calories. It really, really, really has to be both for me.

So, I'm voting for "some is better than none," and I'm going to reduce those doggone calories and keep up with my exercise.

Maybe that will net me enough weight-loss to merit a new outfit . . . .and a neck-to-knees girdle!


Packrat said...

I wish you "good losing", but please don't overdo. :)

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

I fell off the wagon for a few weeks and it is SO hard to get back on. Let's do it, girl! And YES, any amount is better than none!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

You've had so much going on lately, go with the some is better than none approach. I think it's terrific that you've been able to maintain considering how much you've had going on.

Take Care,


Eef said...

Please don’t be pessimistic, I think loosing 3kg (+/-6.50lbs) in a month is doable, especially if you reduce the amount of food you’re eating (listen to your body and to your hungry) and increasing the exercise ... that would make 6 kg for 2 months and that means at least one clothing size...
Come on!You can do this!