Ahhhh. Cinco de Mayo. I've studied the background for the celebration. The history is interesting, certainly. BUT, it's all about the food, baby!

I enjoyed every morsel, too, from the day we prepared the food, to the 5th itself and then the leftovers today. But guess what????? I didn't gain any weight!!! I paced myself carefully, not indulging to the degree I would normally. It paid off.

There's still a bit in the frig, but I'm back on the diet on Saturday (tomorrow).

This year we added another amazing recipe. It's from a lady in our church who was born and raised in Texas. That's close to Mexico! The sauce itself would make a fabulous chip dip. My sister and FarmMom (who was visiting) even let me lick the bowl. I was polite and used a utensil.

Cinco de Mayo Enchiladas

3 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Boil breasts in water with a packet of fajita mix marinade. Cool and shred.

32 ounces sour cream
1 pound grated cheddar (reserve some for top)
2 oz. cans green chilis
1/4 cup chopped pickled jalapenos
1/2 cup picante sauce
garlic, salt, and Mrs. Dash, to taste
Flour tortillas (large or small)

Stir all sauce ingredients together. Reserve 1 pint. Mix the rest of the sauce with the shredded chicken. Fill flour tortillas with chicken mixture and place in a 9 x 13 casserole. Pour reserved sauce over the top and bake 25 minutes at 350. Sprinkle reserved cheese on top and bake five minutes more.

The rest of the menu was the same as our 2009 celebration which you can view HERE.



Lexi said...

Mmmmm...that does sound good! We had enchiladas too! Love me some Tex-Mex style food!

Packrat said...

Congrats on not gaining any weight.

I don't even know where the 5th went, much less what we had to eat. lol

Recipe sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Roxanne said...

Lexi--I finished up the last of the Tex-Mex on Friday. It's been four days and I'm craving it again!

Packrat--Thanks. Since you missed celebrating the holiday, just throw together something Mexican and celebrate late!

FarmMom said...

Okay - Those enchiladas ROCKED and if it wasn't that there was only room for one at that bowl, you would have had a second "licker" !!

B loved it too - thanks for sharing the leftovers! Glad to hear that your weight was not affected by all that celebration and tres leches cake! Biscuit is very excited to make another one.

The whole family is already talking about Cinco de Mayo 2011 - they can't wait. Your diligence has inspired us and we are working out at curves and being a little extra careful with our food, too. Thanks for all your posts - it really is inspiring!