Gourmet Meals--Wednesday Menu

It felt good to get back on track. I opened my "guidebook" and it felt like an old friend.
Breakfast: QUICK and easy. Tasty, too. This seemed to stay with me longer than the cold cereal days.
Luncheon: The omelet was just OK. It was basically a flat scrambled egg. Normally my omelets are loaded with cheese and onions. My son was excited about getting to have the Grapefruit and Green Pepper Salad again. Apparently it has become a favorite.
Dinner: In the guidebook it just said "roast beef." I decided to use my slow cooker recipe (I'll post it below). I've also roasted it in my dutch oven pot in the oven. It comes out TENDER and sliceable (is that a word?). The Raspberry Bavarian was nice. I didn't want to buy powdered milk (it is NOT healthy for you), so I just blended in some whole milk. It gave it a bright pink color and gave the jello a "creaminess." The Oven French Fries made a comeback appearance.
Roxanne's Roast Beef
1 4-lb. beef roast
salt, pepper
granulated garlic
sliced onions

Put roast (mine was frozen) into crockpot. Sprinkle all seasonings over surface of roast. Place slices of onion on top. Cook on low for nine hours.
Dieter's French Dressing
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup tarragon or wine vinegar
1/2 tsp. dry mustard
celery salt
salt, pepper, and paprika to taste
Combine ingredients in glass jar or bottle. Shake until blended. Store in refrigerator. Shake well before using.

Raspberry Bavarian
1 pkg. raspberry gelatin
1 cup hot water
3/4 cup cold water
3 tbsp. lemon juice
3/4 cup raspberries, frozen, thawed, drained (reserve juice)
3 tbsp. non-fat dry milk
3 tbsp. ice-cold water

Thaw a package of frozen raspberries. Dissolve gelatin in the hot water; add 3/4 cup cold water and the lemon juice. Refrigerate until mixture begins to thicken. Drain the raspberries, reserving the juice. beat the non-fat dry-milk solids with the 3 tablespoons ice-cold water until consistency of whipped cream. Beat gelatin until frothy. Fold whipped milk into gelatin; add the drained raspberries carefully. Spoon into 6 sherbet glasses. Chill. If desired, 1 tablespoon of the raspberry juice (15 calories) may be spooned over the top of each serving.

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